Monday, January 19, 2009

Zoopla raises £3.75m

If you have surreptitiously checked the value of your neighbour/friend/colleague/father-in-law/uncle's house recently, don't be embarrassed - you are not alone.
has been growing like topsy. It is now the UK's fastest growing property website and since it launched 12 months ago has been visited 5 million times.
It is ranked the 4th busiest property website in the UK according to the latest traffic stats.

Today, Zoopla is announcing a further funding round of £3.75m from existing investor Atlas Venture and Octopus Ventures. Their funding does demonstrate that despite the significant tightening of the venture funding market, really strong businesses with talented and experienced teams will attract capital.
[See Techcrunch]

Zoopla provides house prices and value data and is already the most comprehensive source of residential property market information with the UK's most active community. In 2008 it had over 1 million user contributions to its website from users.

With its imminent and innovative launch of estate agent listings on a pay-for-performance basis, Zoopla expects to become the website of choice for anyone interested in the property market – whether buying, selling or just looking to stay informed about market activity. Zoopla addresses all 27m homes in the UK - not just the 1m or so that are for sale.

They are now also focussed on using their traffic and levels of consumer engagement in helping estate agents make the most of their marketing spend.

Fred Destin and Atlas have been outstanding backers of Zoopla demonstrating clearly the value that VC's are capable of by acting decisively and fairly throughout.

Octopus Ventures have a long standing relationship with Alex Chesterman (founder, CEO), Simon Kain (CTO) and angel backers William Reeve and Simon Murdoch.

TAG's relationship too goes back to the Video Island/Screenselect/LoveFilm days.

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