Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Koodos moves from stealth to Private Sale

Koodos, the Atlas backed company in the Accelerator stable has started to interact. Koodos aims to establish a platform to enable merchants to publish their overstocks and end-of-lines directly to a consumer facing eCommerce site.
The Koodos approach is to give merchants control of their selling prices so that they can optimise their yields and make prodcut available to consumers at an earlier point in their lifecycle than typically.
Drapers Record, the fashion industry's flagship wrote enthusiastically about Koodos and featured Miriam Lahage, Koodos CEO, prominently.
Miriam's background includes many years as senior merchandise director in the TJX group in the US - the world's largest retailer of 'off-price' merchandise, with sales of $14bn.
Whilst they build to critical mass, Koodos are launching 'private sales'. These are 'by invitation' sale events of limited quantities of highly desirable stuff at heavily discounted prices.
Tip: Be sure to register for these sales soon.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Spot Runner on CNBC - On The Money

Nick Grouf and Martin Sorrel talk about Spotrunner on CNBC.

If you're still not sure what Spotrunner is all about, watch this!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

New York Times invests in Daylife

Upendra Shardanand and his team has been beavering away at building the world's greatest news gathering, analysing and organising site/platform.
Due for soft launch on Monday to a controlled group of users, the product has been well worth waiting for. There really is nothing like it!

Now the New York Times has joined an interesting collection of angels (of which TAG is the largest in terms of funds invested) which include: Craig Newmark of Craig's List, Mike Arrington, Dave Winer, Mika Salmi (congrats on the MTV role!) and John Borthwick
The announcement of the NYT investment broke in paidContent yesterday.
We first wrote about Daylife in August.