Sunday, October 14, 2007

Digivate becoming a serious digital agency

Digivate is one of TAG's oldest investments. Its positively mature. TAG invested about 7 years ago. Far from getting a 7 year itch, we're pretty excited about the way its shaping up. Profitable and cash generating from its core business of building eCommerce websites on its own open source platform, Digivate has fairly recently extended its activities beyond eCommerce and database building/email marketing into search engine marketing (SEM) and particularly into SEO.

Their approach to SEO is comprehensive. Understanding the internal structures of websites through building dozens of them certainly helps but adding a really good understanding of how contextual links works and building forums, blogs and developing (writing) appropriate content for clients all go to deliver a compelling solution.

Digivate have developed their own sophisticated SEO evaluator tool that emulates the Google search algorithm and breaks down the relevant site to identify the specific areas where improvements can be made. Its tools can also provide detailed reports of competitors' weaknesses to provide an advantage for the most competitive search terms.

The next step for Digivate is to extend their graphical and UI (User Interface)design capability

The heritage of the founders lies in catalogue mail order, direct marketing, database design and development. It shows.

Digivate clients include leading high street retail groups, catalogue companies, new internet services and financial services companies.