Saturday, September 30, 2006

bound to be worth listening to ...

Saul will be the keynote speaker at the forthcoming Second Chance Meeting
I've never been to one but understand that they are mobbed.
Michael Smith and Judith Clegg have revived this networking event in a remarkable way. They are determined to ensure that it works for entrepreneurs and that some of the really interesting new businesses being developed get every chance of being funded and publicised.
Read what TechCrunch has to say about it and get yourself an invite.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

LOVEFiLM launched in Germany

LoveFilm has chosen the 'start-up' rather than the acquisition route for its entry into Germany - in partnership with Deutsche Post.
No doubt Deutche Post has looked with envy at the 2m+ DVDs travelling back and forth from LoveFilm via the Royal Mail in the UK and wants to see its home market really get moving.

LOVEFiLM, Europe's leading on-line DVD rental company has announced its entry into Germany with the launch of LOVEFiLM Deutschland AG.
In a short period of time LOVEFiLM International has established itself as a leader across Europe with over 450,000 subscribers and is already managing over one in five DVD rentals in the UK.
This is LOVEFiLM's first start-up in continental Europe following the acquisition of three companies in Scandinavia: Digitarian, Brafilm and Boxman. This launch is in line with LOVEFiLM's aim of expanding into new territories while growing existing market share in its established markets.
LOVEFiLM's entry into Germany also marks a strategic partnership with the Deutsche Post World Net Group, the leading global postal and logistics services company.
For this initial launch phase LOVEFiLM is to provide the website, customer and marketing expertise and project management to run fulfillment, customer service and banking, while Deutsche Post will run the operational fulfilment through its corporate infrastructure, including DHL and Postbank.
Simon Calver, chief executive of LOVEFiLM, commented: "This will be an exciting first year for LOVEFiLM Deutschland and we look forward to developing a market-leading service for our German customers offering the choice, value and convenience that has helped us grow our LOVEFiLM brand in the rest of Europe.
"We are fortunate to be partnering with Deutsche Post on this launch, as their world-class infrastructure and logistics expertise provides the perfect complement to our experience in the field of on-line DVD rental."
Michael Mews, Director of Central Key Account Management within the Postal and Telecommunication Division of Deutsche Post AG commented: "We are delighted to be working together with LOVEFiLM, Europe's leading company in this field. LOVEFiLM is an excellent, flexible and highly competent partner with a great deal of experience, especially in white label solutions."

Thursday, September 21, 2006

How to be cool (or which brands buy status)

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | How to be cool (or which brands buy status)

Agent Provocateur has once again been voted amongst the UK's coolest brands. see BBC News
In great company with Ducati, Alexander McQueen, B&O and the Tate as the other 4 in the top 5.
The recent Kate Moss movie episodes - distributed on line - will have done it no harm at all.
Check its Alexa rating to get a sense of the traffic hitting the AP site.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On-line meets off-line.

MOO has joined forces with Flickr, the world’s largest online photo sharing community, to offer members a new way to share their Flickr information and photos offline.

Flickr MiniCards use MOO’s revolutionary multipack technology to produce sets of small, customised calling cards: each card featuring a different photo from the last.

MiniCards are ideal for sharing the details of your Flickr photostream, group or image locations, along with email, instant messager, and cellphone info on a high quality card featuring the photos of your choice.

To help spread the word, MOO are giving away 10,000 FREE packs of 10 cards to Flickr Pro Users. Sign into MOO with your Flickr account here to get your FREE CARDS.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Miss X is Kate Moss for AP

Agent Provocateur is a company well used to miles of column inches and PR coups. It sometimes concerns me that the brand consistently has to innovate and break new ground in order to 'move the dial'. How do you follow the Kylie movie ad? - for example.
The company has now done it again!
Following months of planning and development, the 4 part series of short films made by Mike Figgis and starring Kate Moss was launched today. The front cover of the style section of the Sunday Times and a great inside article heralded this innovation by AP and Kate.
The movies will be streamed on the AP website and the trailer is downloadable and distributable. Viral dissemination and a veritable avalanche of press coverage will inevitably follow.
Vogue.com were pretty quick of the mark!