Sunday, September 03, 2006

Miss X is Kate Moss for AP

Agent Provocateur is a company well used to miles of column inches and PR coups. It sometimes concerns me that the brand consistently has to innovate and break new ground in order to 'move the dial'. How do you follow the Kylie movie ad? - for example.
The company has now done it again!
Following months of planning and development, the 4 part series of short films made by Mike Figgis and starring Kate Moss was launched today. The front cover of the style section of the Sunday Times and a great inside article heralded this innovation by AP and Kate.
The movies will be streamed on the AP website and the trailer is downloadable and distributable. Viral dissemination and a veritable avalanche of press coverage will inevitably follow.
Vogue.com were pretty quick of the mark!

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