Sunday, September 30, 2007

Imagini announces its funding

Imagini the company that introduced or 'created' visual DNA with such compelling effect has announced its Series A funding round.

Imagini definitely falls in the 'intriguing' category and a year ago left many potential funders scratching their heads as to where the company would ultimately go.

By April 2m users had completed their visual profiles in a matter of months (now well over 4m) and Imagini was seen in a somewhat different light and wrapped up a very interesting group of investors fairly quickly.

Now Imagini has developed a super facebook application called Youniverse which promises further engagement with the concept of visual DNA.

Victor Keegan has written intelligently about the company in the Guardian. This is worth a read if you're still scratching your head.

Backers include Atomico, North Zone Ventures and TAG

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Bec Clarke’s website has revolutionised the jewellery world."

Today's Sunday Times style magazine ran a 2 page article on Rebecca Clarke and her Astley Clarke Jewellery business.

This type of coverage is just what new, young eCommerce businesses need and Astley Clarke are well aware of the role that PR plays in establishing credibility and inspiring trust. With prices ranging from £35 to £6000 trust is vital and the Sunday Times together with the many other column inches which Rebecca has got is certainly helping.

Congratulations, Becs!