Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tweetdeck organises Twitter

Techcrunch announced Tweetdeck's funding round of $500K on Thursday 22nd.

TweetDeck is a desktop application that aims to evolve the existing functionality of Twitter by taking loads of information i.e twitter feeds, and breaking it down into more manageable bite sized pieces.

TweetDeck enables users to split their main feed (All Tweets) into topic or group specific columns allowing a broader overview of tweets. To do this All Tweets are saved to a local database. One column will always contain All Tweets. The GROUP, SEARCH and REPLIES buttons then allow the user to make up additional columns populated from the database. Once created these additional columns will automatically update allowing the user to easily keep track of a twitter threads.

Being database driven TweetDeck allows the user to continue twittering even when offline. Tweets and direct messages are queued and then sent automatically when back online.

Twitter itself is growing spectacularly. Techcrunch UK pointed out its UK growth in a recent post.

The recent funding round in which TAG participated was led by our good friends Andy Wiseman and John Borthwick of Betaworks, New York. Songkick, Lookery and Snaptalent are other investments we have in common.

Betaworks was also a seed investor in Twitter.

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