Thursday, January 08, 2009

Strong Momentum for Fizzback

I featured Fizzback in a post about 2 months ago.
At the time we were postulating that in a shrinking market, retailers and other service providers would need to gain market share to keep growing or maintain profitability.
Gaining market share usually means giving customers what they want. This in turn requires very careful listening to customer's requirements.
Fizzback does this in a sophisticated but automated way, enabling large numbers of customers to engage in 'dialogue' at relatively low cost.

The Xmas sales data currently being announced show that not all retailers have been caned to the same extent by the market. Clearly those who have been listening hardest and implementing effectively have done better than others.

Fizzback continues to win high profile accounts.

For example, last month,
The Carphone Warehouse selected the Fizzback Engagement Platform to assess their customer experience, improve advocacy and drive superior employee performance.
Ashley Cook, The Carphone Warehouse’s Business Operations Director said: “We’re committed to offering the best customer service on the high street. Fizzback gives us a new level of visibility into the in-store customer experience and provides actionable insight into areas for improvement.”

Carphone joins the list of household names now using Fizzback. They include: T-Mobile, Phones 4U, National Express, Virgin Trains, Sky, HMV, M&S, William Hill and others.

Positive customer service experiences happen all the time, but the feelings they evoke have a shorter half-life than very negative experiences. Therefore the key is to capture experiences as they happen, not days, weeks or even months after the event.
Positive comments help companies to reinforce areas that they are succeeding in, passing these best practices across the organisation, and are a great way to motivate and reward staff.

In summary, making it easy for consumers to tell you how they feel during (not after) their experience with the brand yields large volumes of high quality feedback. This approach taps into a previously 'silent majority' of consumers, ensuring an accurate representation of sentiment and giving brands the opportunity to begin a constructive dialogue with a large portion of their customer base.

In December, Fizzback received just short of 2m customer contacts. This channel split is reflected below.

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