Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another busy OpenCoffee Club

Saul wasn't able to be there this morning so I promised I'd blog some impressions and observations.
The numbers of attendees has held up very well. I'd estimate at least 80 over the 2 hours.
Interesting to see that new networks are are starting to tap into the facility. The London Business School was well represented for the first time.
There were headhunters: - BYT (Agnes Greaves) and The Forsyth Group (Bretton Putter);
VCs: Nick Brisbourne of Esprit, Kevin Commoli of Accel, Danny Rimer of Index
Ad agencies, bloggers, experienced entrepreneurs and first timers.

Lots of serious looking meetings, presentations and demos were taking place.

Agnes has promised me that there are many more female entrepreneurs in London than are turning up at OpenCoffee so I've challenged her to get them there.


  1. wow, 80 looks good. The coffee house must be happy.

    Good 2 c the 'startup' spirt getting going.


  2. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Hi Robin,
    It was excellent, well worth the trip down. Someone should definately start one in Birmingham :)
    P.S thanks for taking the time to talk to us...we'll hopefully speak again.

    Ansar - yobject.com