Monday, January 29, 2007

Is the PerplexCity Cube about to be found?

Will someone claim the £100,000 reward which has been offered?
The final clue of the Perplexcity season one is about to be issued.
According to the Independent who ran a double spread article on the phenomenon that is Perplexcity, ARGs and Mind Candy.
Sales of over £1m have been made of the puzzle cards which Mind Candy so brilliantly devised and enthusiasts will be looking forward to the second season and any new puzzles that come out of the Mind Candy imagineers.
If you're looking for some back issue cards, they are actively traded on eBay

Personally I am hoping the puzzles in the new season are going to be a little easier to crack. Give us a break Michael, some of us have day jobs!

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