Monday, January 22, 2007

Imagini sees the world in pictures

I have been working with Alex Willcock and his team for over a year now. Alex has invented what looks like a simple and obvious idea. [The best ones often are].
Imagini profiles consumers using something they call their visualDNA.
Demographics of all kinds - geo, psycho and lifestyle have been used extensively to segment and understand consumers. Behavioural, attitudinal and transactional analysis produce interesting results and refine targeting significantly.
Now, after more than a year of developement, Imagini has demonstrated that understanding consumers' emotional preferences can be done very effectively using imagery and a set of tools they have developed.
The applications for the technology are very exciting indeed. Visual content can be served which matches consumers, new insights can be delivered. Advertisers and marketers will no longer need to constructing mood boards and tear sheets using their instincts as to how particular cutural and age demographics are going to respond. They can now add empirical data to back up assumptions.
The consumer applications which Imagini is working on are engaging and fun. Take a look at the Beta site and my widget below to get a flavour.
I'd be surprised if they haven't built up a global database of millions of VisualDNA'a within the next 12 months.
The Wall Street Journal have picked up on Imagini in a major piece featured on 19th January.
MSN and Nectar have both run trials which have been very illuminating.
Great start guys.

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