Friday, January 05, 2007

Daylife is live!

Upendra and team have lifted some more covers off Daylife. They set out to build the world's best news analyser and aggregator complete with an awesome API enabling great applications to be built.
From a commercial point of view, Daylife seeks to be a page inventory machine for its partners. Generating thousands of news pages automatically with no need for human editors it is a no-cost means for sites of all shapes and sizes to extend their service and inventory by adding Daylife modules, pages, or using its API on their pages.
The first partner site, the Huffingtonpost.com, went live just before Xmas. Go to the front page of their site, and see the Newsranker module, powered by Daylife which contains a customisable, embeddable widget like this:

If you click on any bar, it takes you to full topic pages powered by Daylife.
Google Ad Network can give a publisher ADS, they cannot give a publisher INVENTORY – and that is where Daylife come in.

More features and more partners to come ...soon. Set an alert for Daylife.

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