Sunday, June 21, 2009

Skimlinks keeps collecting awards

Skimlinks seem to have captured the imagination of the Affiliate and on-line Publishing worlds.
Cynics would say that winning awards are no indication of future financial success. That is undoubtedly true.
Skimlinks have clearly struck a chord however. At a time when publishers are struggling for ad revenue and are looking for additional revenue streams, the simplicity and ease of installation of their service is a real boon.

The awards list runs like this:
Affiliates4U awards:
Skimlinks won all categories they were shortlisted for, the first company ever to win 3 awards in one night

New Media Age awards:
Shortlisted for Best New Business and a Special Award for Technological Innovation

National Business Awards:
Alicia shortlisted for Entrepreneur of the Year award

Linkshare Golden Link Awards:
Shortlisted for Best New Publisher and the LinkShare Golden Link Technology Genius Award

skimlinks.com :: How it works? from Ciaran Rooney on Vimeo.

We wrote about Skimlinks earlier - here.

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