Sunday, June 28, 2009

I love our industry ..

One of the reasons I'm still hard at it is the extraordinary openness, generosity and collective goodwill that I keep coming across.
I wrote about it in connection with the month I spent in San Francisco and feel the momentum of collaboration has come, in no small measure, to London too.

A recent incident illustrated this to me very clearly.

I was analysing some data in a spreadsheet and wondered whether I could display the records (which contained post code) on a map. After failing to find some free software on the web, I tweeted my problem and sure enough within hours came the offer from one Andrew Bredon of Dealchecker - (whom I had never met)- he had a script lying around which he refined and after a couple of goes - voila!

I spend a lot of my time simply connecting people with one another and I know many others who do the same. This is what makes our own eco-system grow and strengthen.
Andrew's simple gesture - without any hint of quid pro quo - is another one of those small but important moments which make what we do so rewarding.

Thanks Bredo.

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  1. I always think what goes around, comes around. I also take particular joy connecting people. Our industry is very good for this, aren't we lucky. Glad it was useful.