Friday, May 29, 2009

We wrote about Imagini on February 26th - Imagini Comes of Age. Now Imagini has launched the beta launch of VisualDNA Shops a monetization widget that enables every blogger and web publisher to easily add personalized product recommendations, and start generating detailed demographic, psychographic and behavioral analytics of their visitors. VisualDNA Shops delivers real-time product suggestions from Amazon.com to every site visitor, based on responses to a series of simple visual questions. Products range from mobile phones to travel accessories, digital cameras and gadgets and products from sites such as eBay and Shopping.com are planned in the coming weeks.

VisualDNA Shops allows bloggers and publishers of any size to connect and understand more about their visitors’ preferences as well as providing a new way to monetize their traffic, since a percentage of every purchase is paid directly to the website or blog owner. VisualDNA Shops draws upon Imagini’s proprietary recommendation engine that it is powered by millions of users, enabling suggestions to be drawn from like-minded visitors from all over the world. Given that Amazon alone has more than 96,250 digital cameras in stock, and the keywords “mobile phone” in Google nets 204 million results, this is also a tool that will help consumers navigate the seemingly endless choices by tapping into the collective likes and dislikes of global consumers on a scale never previously possible.

We have popped a phone shop in the sidebar of this blog. It took about 5 minutes.

VisualDNA Shops is also available as a Pro version for $2.99 a month. This comes with advanced analytics that allows site owners and bloggers to view the types of visitors that come to their webpage, as well as who they are and what appeals to them. The Pro version also allows for new products to be suggested to different types of shopper, and "Similar Site" analysis that shows visitors other sites visited by people with similar preferences. These shared links will directly enhance search engine optimization (SEO).

The tools for publishers - aimed at monetisation and enhancing SEO, traffic and engagement are improving all the time.
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