Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Backing MicroSyntax

We are pleased at TAG to announce the launch of microsyntax.org — a
non profit organisation to help shape and codify the use of structured syntax
within real time data streams - like Tweets.

Users are increasingly coming up with their own microsyntax and abbreviated Twitter grammar to make their Tweets more expressive. RT, @ and # are already part of the venacular.

The purpose of Microsyntax.org, is to investigate the various ways
that individuals and tool providers (like Tweetdeck)
are trying to innovate around this sort of microsyntax.
We hope to create a forum where alternative approaches can
be discussed and evaluated.

Stowe Boyd is leading the effort — charter funding from Betaworks and TAG —
details and the manifesto on the site, microsyntax.org.

Read Techcrunch on Microsyntax .... together with all the twitter-bashing comments .... :)

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