Tuesday, February 03, 2009

DVDs by Post ..... why not Food?

The LoveFilm, VideoIsland, ScreenSelect alumni have come together to back Graham Bosher and his team to launch Graze.

Graham was one of the co-founders of DVDs on tap.

They sold the company to Arts Alliance who created LoveFilm who merged with Video Island who had merged with ScreenSelect ...you following?

Anyway, Graham latest venture is Graze - an ingenious new way of getting healthy, quality food direct to your desk.

The product and packaging and business model has been designed with superb attention to detail, leveraging the wonderful next day service of the Royal Mail and its newish tariff - pricing in proportion. The Royal Mail, which is currently delivering over 100 million DVDs back and forth for LoveFilm, must be hoping that Graze can similarly change the way Britain gets its lunch time food!

Royal Mail Group LtdImage via Wikipedia

Graze delivers a full letter-box-sized box of healthy food (nuts, berries, dried fruit etc) straight to a desk. Prices start at £2.99 delivered. Users rate the range of over 200 products and choose from 4 different types/sizes of package. Highest rated products get included most often. Delivery frequency, package type and delivery address are controlled through a well designed interactive drag and drop website.

The team has significant experience of designing, developing and running complex operations which give customers complete control and provides great customer service.

The service is still in beta mode and TAG have negotiated an offer for UK readers of this blog: enter code QKX412R - It offers a free box and the 2nd one for half price.

Make that 24/7/365 except when it snows!

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  1. thats real clever; low cost, instant, and healthy.