Monday, August 20, 2007

Direct .... from China

One of the biggest impacts on the world economy and probably the biggest factor in keeping inflation low in the Western Economies has been the emergence of China as a world's manufacturer of a huge range of quality goods.
The massive importers of goods from China such as Wallmart own dozens of factories there. All the leading retailers have buying offices and visit regularly.
Now medium-sized and small scale retailers, wholesalers and eBay traders have access directly to Chinese manufacturers and traders via DH Gate.
DH Gate have solved the problem of finding, sifting the goods on offer but more importantly have developed an escrow system backed up by a buyers rating system (similar to eBay)which gives buyers complete security that the goods will be as ordered and that payment is only released on satisfaction.
DH Gate have set up a dispute resolution process to deal with transaction problems if and when they arise.
All in all a thoroughly thought through business which is already generating multiple millions of dollars of revenue monthly and listing 2.5million items. All this in only 2 years.
Accelerator invested alongside our friends at Atlas Venture.


  1. Anonymous7:04 am

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  2. Anonymous11:46 am

    I checked the price of this site. Many of the electronics products have priced much higher than some wholesale sites like http://www.asia-product.com

  3. I enquired about your comment, wish and got the following reply:
    I would like to explain that the listing price on asia-product.com does not include shipping cost. Following are some examples:

    The following product listing on the homepage of asia-product.com


    is listed USD 41 for sample and a similar item on DHgate (http://www.dhgate.com/productdetail_ff8080811283218a011284b2ce9c4e95_k_c2699_pA.html)

    with listing price of USD 43.7/unit for sample may seem more expensive. But the price on DHgate is with global shipping cost and USD 43.7 will be the final price buyer will pay for sample. On the contrary, price on asia-product would go up at least USD 10 for shipping, and if you take shipping cost into consideration, you will find that DHgate actually offers more competitive prices than Asia-product.

    Another example is our digital photo frame, the following link is one of our sellers' listing

    Price is USD 50/unit and USD58 for shipping, so total price is USD 108 including shipping. Similar item with 7 inch screen is listed about USD 125 not including shipping on Asia-product(http://www.asia-product.com/7-digital-photo-frame-for-playing-photos-music-movies-p-104.html).

    Overall, some products offered by our sellers might be more competitive especially with free shipping offer while there might be some products that are less competitive.