Wednesday, March 23, 2011

UK Budget - not all bad for Entrepreneurs

With thanks to Graeme Burnham of Complete Tax Solutions .....[the comments in italics are mine]
The highlights extracted from the Chancellor's 2011 Budget are as follows:

· Corporation tax rate is reduced to 26% [for those making profits]
· EIS relief will increase to 30% from 20% [Great boost for Angels]
· Entrepreneurs relief lifetime allowance has doubled to £10m [Excellent news for founders]
· Non-domiciles may be able to remit income/capital gains without
charge if invested in qualifying businesses [haven't examined the detail but this could bring a lot of non - dom cash into the eco-system]
· The business rate – relief holiday for small businesses will be
extended to October 2012 [All helps]
· Small businesses (less than 10 employees) will face less
regulation [must be good - again, lets see the detail]
· The small companies R&D tax credits will rise from 175% to 200%
to 225% [Excellent!]
· Short life asset allowance to increase to 8 years from 4 years 
· National insurance will (at some point in time) be combined
with income tax
· Gift aid will be simplified and administration will be taken
· A 10% reduction in the inheritance tax rate if 10% of a legacy
is given to charity to be implemented in April 2012

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