Friday, December 11, 2009

TAG Investment stats

In thinking about today's inaugural Seed Summit (a Seedcamp initiative), I did a quick canter through the last 10 years of angel/seed investing that we have done at The Accelerator Group (TAG).

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We've invested directly in about 64 companies.
The current portfolio is listed alongside here.

The stats look like like this:
10 sold
12 closed
42 active

These can be further analysed as follows:
Of the 10 sold, 4 were at 10X or better; 3 were 3X or better and 3 were at a loss
The 12 closed were total write-offs for us.

Of the 42 still active:
11 have reached EBITDA breakeven - or better
31 have yet to get there.
Of these, 9 are pre-revenue.

Seed and angel investing are fundamental to the health of the start-up eco system. VCs provide the bulk of the cash but seed investors fund the bulk of the companies.
27 times as many companies are seeded by angels in the US than by VCs according to Basil Peters

More comment on Seed Summit here: http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23seedsummit
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  1. Really appreciate you sharing this data with us.

  2. I believe congratulations are in order! It's difficult to be sure just from these summary statistics, but I think these results are significantly better than typical early stage portfolios. Thanks for sharing this valuable data. Please keep us updated as your portfolio matures.