Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Apply to Seedcamp ...now!

There are only 3 weeks left to put in your application to attend the main Seedcamp week.
I would urge every technology start-up across Europe to try to be one of the 20 teams selected to attend.
Seedcamp Week is an intensive week-long event held in London every September.

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The week is inspiring and invigorating and provides value well beyond the potential of the 50,000 Euros that gets invested in the winning five companies.

The experience that attending teams have had has propelled many past attendees from some really good ideas to real business with clearly thought-out goals and a Rolodex of amazing contacts which would normally take years to assemble.
As in previous years, the line up of mentors is really impressive. Already over 160 mentors are confirmed - many coming from the US and all parts of Europe.

Seedcamp is about accelerating - compressing into a week what takes months or years to evolve.

Some facts about Seedcamp will be illuminating to those not familiar with the extent of its activities.

Seedcamp has:
Run 16 events (mini-seedcamps in places like: Paris, Kiev, Tel-Aviv, Berlin, Lubljana - 9 Geographies to date)
Invested over 1m Euro in more than 20 companies
Over 1000 advisors and mentors worldwide
Mentored 280 start-up teams across Europe.

A number of Seedcamp alumni have gone on to raise further capital and are emerging as strong and viable businesses. Some of these alumni will be at Seedcamp to share their experiences.

The track record of Seedcamp winners to date is pretty impressive:
11 of 14 have raised follow -on funding within 3 months after Seedcamp
11 of 14 have launched their product (a further 2 are in private beta)
7 have revenue
2 are cashflow positive

Apply on-line today!


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