Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Seedcamp Video

The concept of Seedcamp is not difficult to explain. What is tougher is to convey the spirit of the enterprise.
Seedcamp have recently published its video. Its a 10 minute piece edited from 80 hours of film which is worth the watch if you have an interest in the entrepreneurial scene in Europe and what practical steps people are taking to fuel it in the tech arena.

The filming, editing and production was done by Bonney and Klein (the Klein being Anthony Klein, my nephew). This post would have been up a month or two ago but I was waiting the the guys to get their website up - to give them a well-deserved plug.
Alex and Anthony are very talented film-makers who are applying their talents in a number of creative ways.
For example: FilmWorks is a film-making ‘boot camp’ developed by
Bonney and Klein Productions for companies wanting interesting and exciting training and team-building programs.

Bonney and Klein did a superb job on 80 hours of Seedcamp footage - thanks guys!

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