Thursday, December 14, 2006

eTails - a really good eCommerce read

Congratulations to Lysander Meath-Baker of Digivate for the interesting snippets he picks up and observations he adds from the world of eCommerce - in their eTails blog. The relentless rise of eCommerce sales and the new services being offered continues to make this an interesting space.
Digivate themselves continue to make strides as an eCommerce site builder and manager. They keep adding new accounts and their services which now include SEO,SEM and eMail campaigns - design and analysis - is powering their sales and profits.
Keep up the great work guys!


  1. eCommerce is THE market to be in for relentless growth. And Digivate seems to be making great strides in carving a name for themselves in the eCommerce web design industry.

  2. most etailers discover pretty soon that having a site that really enhances your brand ....like Agent Provocateur or that sells hard - like Amazon - is just step one. You really need to drive traffic and build customer loyalty. Digivate's one-stop shop is doing that for a number of clients very well now.